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SPIROL UK is a regional facility of SPIROL — a leading global manufacturer of engineered fasteners, parts-feeding equipment and installation machines. In addition to producing high-quality components, SPIROL has an experienced team of Application Engineers who work with clients globally to design engineered components and installation equipment as well as provide technical support to improve assembly quality, extend equipment life and reduce manufacturing costs.

Project Requirements

SPIROL UK wanted to verify that their Coiled Spring Pins were manufactured to a consistently high weight quality to ensure robust quality assurance in their processes. As a producer of large batches of small parts, SPIROL UK needed a solution that would strengthen their quality control and ensure that any small discrepancies in weight — used to identify incomplete, substandard or damaged products — are detected to help reduce product failures, wasted resources and lost manufacturing time.

The CI Precision Solution

The extreme precision needed for their large production outputs meant that SPIROL UK needed a dependable machine to help them weigh, grade and sort their industrial small parts accurately.

SPIROL UK selected CI Precision’s MX precision grader — specifically designed for the accurate weight sorting of small industrial components. SPIROL used the unit to weight-check a batch of two million lightly oil-coated pins weighing up to 500mg each.

As the MX weight graders can grade items of various shapes and sizes into eight weight bands and sort into five outputs at high speed and with extreme precision, it can help to assess quality control processes as well as improve efficiency, quality and compliance.

The MX grader needs minimal customer setup, which was a key requirement of SPIROL. This meant that the MX grader was ideal for their industrial application. The grader helped SPIROL determine that their Spring Pins were manufactured to a consistently high weight quality within their customers’ required specifications.

Key Project Stats:

Weight-sorting a batch of two million lightly oil-coated pins weighing up to 500mg each

"We found that the MX precision grader from CI Precision was ideal for weight checking our small Coiled Spring Pins. This batch record data proves that our Spring Pins are manufactured to a consistently high weight quality and well within our customers’ required specifications."

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