Quality control applications


Quality control process improvements provide excellent return on investment: protecting your brand, reducing commercial and legal risk and gaining competitive advantage. This may come from tighter checking and grading of raw materials, more verification of intermediate production stages or providing data for process improvement.

The challenge is how to enhance quality control without increasing cost or slowing production.

Weight sorters and checkweighers for small parts from CI Precision

Accurate, automated checking

In a QC context, very small discrepancies in weight can be used to detect incomplete, substandard or damaged products.

As part of your quality control regime, automated weight grading enables you to carry out more checks, with the same number of staff and without slowing production.

MX precision graders are being used to check and separate out defective items at different stages in production processes. Where there is variability in raw materials, containers or subassemblies, MX precision graders can be used to separate them into precise weight bands, so the variation can be controlled and optimised for subsequent processes.

MX precision graders can be integrated with MES and similar systems, so that the full data is attached to batch records or traceable to specific production times.


100% inspection regimes

Whether you are working with customers who need the assurance of 100% conformance, or as part of a zero-defect strategy, it may be necessary to inspect every single item before it leaves your premises.

With an MX precision grader, you can weigh-check every item that comes off your production lines, pulling out any that do not meet specifications.

They are accurate, fast and reliable and can be combined with other checks for the greatest certainty.

Weight sorters and checkweighers for small parts from CI Precision
Weight sorters and checkweighers for small parts from CI Precision

Batch recovery

When you have rejected a batch based on in-process sampling, it is likely that a large proportion of the items within that batch are within specification and could be used, if it were cost-effective to separate them out.

The case for sorting and recovery is particularly strong if you are working to tight deadlines, have limited raw materials or working with particularly valuable items.

In situations where weight is a reliable indicator of quality, an MX precision grader can check every single item based on weight, sorting all the good items from your rejected batch. In some instances, customers have recovered the purchase price of the unit from the value of a single batch recovery.

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