MX Weight Grader

5-Way Weight Grading for Aluminium Slugs

The weight of a slug can be a measure to determine alloy composition, production quality, process improvements, and much more, that could not be picked up with other inspection methods. Either stamped or sawn, the MX’s unique ability to detect very small variations in a slug’s weight at high speed, is an efficient and cost-effective way of performing quality control.

Quality Control

  • 100% inspection regimes
  • In-process sampling
  • Batch recovery

Process Improvement

  • Catching issues early
  • Identifying and eliminating root causes
  • Assessing the impact of changes
  • Adapting for variability in inputs
  • Achieving tighter tolerances

If you have a quality control challenge and are seeking an effective solution, or wish to find out how MX can drive process improvement, contact us today at

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