Specialist Support Services for Weight Sorters

Our comprehensive lifetime support services deliver the expertise and support you need to keep your weight sorters running consistently, accurately and economically.

Installation and Validation

Each and every weight sorter/check weigher that we supply will be installed and validated by qualified engineers from CI Precision or from our trusted partners.

To help validate your new weight sorter, we provide extensive support backed by experience from many years of working with the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. We offer comprehensive validation service packages that include technical, design and material specifications, test specifications and results, certifications and machine build records.

Our tiered validation service packages give you the level of support you need to help ensure your new weight sorter is controlling quality correctly and operating as intended.

Our core validation service packs:

  1. Installation & IQ support (included as standard)
  2. On-site OQ support (optional upgrade)
  3. Bespoke PQ support (optional upgrade)
Our industry and equipment experts can help you maximise the return on your investment by ensuring your weight sorter is set up and installed correctly the first time — reducing your time spent learning and implementing OQ/PQ test protocols on your own. Find out more about our validation services here.

Validation Services for a SADE SP Weight Sorter

Validation Services

Planned Maintenance & Calibration
Planned Maintenance & Calibration
Planned Maintenance & Calibration

Maintenance and Calibration

Unexpected downtime can often become quite costly, so we strongly recommend carrying out regular preventive maintenance to ensure your weight sorter continues performing well and according to specification. Our maintenance and calibration services minimise equipment downtime and its associated costs by ensuring your weight sorter operates faultlessly, year after year:

Planned Preventative Maintenance & Calibration (PPMCal) Service

A regular assessment that includes functional testing, visual and safety inspections, adjustments and tuning as well as a full GMP recalibration with certification. This is carried out by a qualified engineer on an annual or bi-annual basis.

Comprehensive Service Schedule (CSS)

A triennial or biennial comprehensive maintenance service, which includes routine servicing, calibration and preventive maintenance (includes worn parts replacement and sub-assembly refurbishment). We document all our work so it can be included in your formal audit trail. We also offer bespoke support contracts that can include additional benefits to meet your specific needs.

Weight Sorter Training

Although our weight sorters are straightforward to configure, operate and maintain, we highly recommend undertaking specific training to ensure all your operators understand how to use the equipment correctly, safely and efficiently in line with your processes. Apart from the on-site training session that we provide during installation, we also offer refresher operator training courses to maintain competency as well as bespoke training sessions that can be tailored to specific roles and responsibilities in your organisation. Our typical training course includes machine and batch setup and operation, calibration, error and alarm troubleshooting, retrieval of data and secure reports, dismantling for cleaning and routine maintenance.
Weight sorter software screen
Weight Sorting
This essential Service Spares Pack has been designed to contain spare parts for a SADE SP weight sorter
Designing accuracy and stability into your experiments
SADE SP Series weight sorters and checkweighers

Parts and Spares

Although CI Precision’s weight sorters are one of the most durable and reliable in the world, components (especially moving parts) can still wear over time. To maximise plant uptime and prevent unexpected failures, our knowledgeable Customer Support team can advise on the optimum frequency for replacing these components and recommend the replacement parts to stock to minimise downtime in the unlikely event of a failure. We offer a reliable and efficient Parts & Spares service to increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and keep your processes running at peak performance. Depending on your requirements or downtime criteria, we can offer various support options to suit your needs. This can include:
  • wide range of spare-parts packages to give you full flexibility on your maintenance schedule
  • reconditioning service for your precision balance at a time at your convenience
  • deliver a prompt supply of individual spare parts, as and when required, on request
Discover more about our weight sorter spares packs here.

Additional Contact Sets

The contact sets supplied with each of our weight sorters can handle any shape and size of tablet, capsule or soft gel. Because of this, extra contact sets are generally not necessary for many operations. However, many customers find it useful to stock additional contact sets to enable faster turnaround between batches and ensure zero risk of cross-contamination among batches of high-potency or hormone-based products. We can supply additional sets for all our machines.
Additional Contact Sets
Additional Contact Sets
SADE SP Series weight sorters and checkweighers
Worldwide Customer Support

Get Worldwide Support

We are proud of our reputation for providing high-quality engineering, validation and training support throughout the whole procurement process, from pre-sales to after-sales. We maintain a Customer Support Department with qualified and experienced personnel available for weight sorter service and calibration visits as well as technical support. We provide direct support to most of our local clients in the UK and work with trusted global partners to support our valued customers further afield. Our global network of support services comprises regional distribution and sales agent partners who are all backed up by our in-house Customer Support team. So, wherever you are, we can support you. Please contact our friendly Customer Support team or a local channel partner for support on any new and ongoing requirements and we will be more than happy to assist.

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