Industry-leading MES Support Services

With over 30 years of experience implementing MES solutions in the healthcare industry, you can rely on our expertise to deliver the MES support and maintenance services you need to keep your production systems compliant, efficient and optimised.

Software Updates and Validation

Like the healthcare industry itself, our systems need to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our users. With every new release, we provide additional functionality to help you improve operational efficiency and ensure compliance with the latest regulations. We also issue regular updates to help maintain compatibility with the operating environment and any collaborating applications. Any changes that we make will be supported by validation documentation that you can use in your audit processes. If you want to take early advantage of the productivity enhancements we make to our products and influence the future direction of our product development, we offer the option to take part in pre-release evaluations. Alternatively, you can receive the product updates you need through our maintenance services with our cost-effective maintenance contracts.

Supporting validation
Ci-DMS from CI Precision installed at weigh & dispense booths at Eisai

Providing Technical and User Support

Customers report very few day-to-day issues with Ci-DMS. They also tell us that our technical support is outstanding in facilitating knowledge transfer with new employees and supporting IT staff and helping them make the most effective use of the product’s functionalities.

Installations for Testing, Training and Support

Our MES support contracts include a provision for additional software licenses, so you can keep replicas of your live system for training purposes and for testing and validating updates. We can also restore copies of your databases to our servers so that our technical staff can investigate and support issues quickly and safely.

Ci-DMS MES Training at CI Precision

Project Delivery and Consulting

Every vendor claims to have the skills and experience to deliver an MES project on time, so how can you work out which of them has a strong likelihood of achieving it? At CI Precision, we have been delivering MES systems and MES support to healthcare manufacturing companies for over 30 years with an excellent on-time delivery record. We understand the risks well and work with our clients to mitigate them from the outset.

Our exceptionally high rate of “First Time Right” MES implementation projects sets us apart from other suppliers. We credit this to our realistic and transparent approach to project delivery and our superior customer support starting right from project kick-off through to after-sales. We’re particularly proud of our:

Accurate Assessment of ROI

For some businesses, a new MES might not deliver the ROI that was initially expected. This is why it is important to consider the ROI before starting a major project. At CI Precision, we start by researching the processes and systems to develop a business case study. This takes a realistic look at all the costs involved in software implementation and process change against the reasonable expectation of ROI. We would only recommend committing to the project when it is agreed that the costs are reasonable and that there will be sufficient return on investment.

Phased Project Approach

Our experience has demonstrated that a phased project approach brings the most success. By focusing on one functional area at a time, the project team can focus on getting all the details right before moving on to the next stage. Early success can drive the team as well as justify the resource investment. During each project phase, we follow a standard lifecycle approach with clearly defined phases, documented activities and a gated approach to ensure everything is completed properly before progressing.

Realistic Project Resourcing

An MES project is usually part of a wider change initiative and requires significant input from the business, involving multidisciplinary teams and functions that may not necessarily be available for the project. From the outset, we will be very honest about the resource you are going to need. If there is a resource or skillset gap, then we will propose putting in additional specialists to assist. We understand the pressure to keep costs reasonable and will balance this with the direct financial gains from delivering the project benefits without delay.

Developer Support in Project Delivery

Our software developers work directly with our customers so they can benefit from an excellent transfer of knowledge around product capabilities and learn best practices on how to use the software most effectively. Because we have a very high staff retention rate, our customers will always be working with experienced staff who have excellent knowledge about the product and the industry.

We believe that selecting the right MES partner is as important as choosing the right MES solution. To learn more about what else you should consider when picking your MES vendor and why CI Precision is the perfect MES partner for pharmaceutical manufacturers, click through to our blog.

Where to Get MES Support

If your organisation uses Ci-DMS and you need MES support, please contact your in-house super-user team in the first instance. They have been trained by us to provide first-line support for Ci-DMS. For any questions requiring our support, your organisation’s super users will work with our specialists to find a solution specific to your systems and processes. If you are a nominated support contact for your organisation, please refer to the support contacts set out in your maintenance contract.

Ci-DMS from CI Precision installed at weigh & dispense booths at Eisai

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