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As one of the companies that evolved from the UK Atomic Energy Authority, Harwell Dosimeters specialises in the manufacture of dosimeters used to measure the amount of radiation used in sterilising medical devices. Harwell Dosimeters have worked to support the Radiation Processing industry for over 50 years and are relied on by medical device manufacturers and sterilisation service providers.

Project Requirements

Harwell Dosimeters needed to accurately weigh their Alanine Pellets, which are made of an amino acid called alanine and bound in wax. The pellets are cylindrical — approximately 5mm in diameter, 3mm long with square edges and weighing approximately 60mg. When pellets that contain amino acid alanine are irradiated, the measured response is quantitively related to the radiation dose which the pellet absorbed — meaning that Harwell needed a robust weight-checking solution that would help them measure this radiation response to ensure good manufacturing quality control.

The CI Precision Solution

The physical size of the pellets and what they will be used for are some of the reasons why each pellet must be manufactured precisely. Harwell’s specialist requirements meant that only a versatile, reliable and highly accurate unit would be able to achieve the results they needed to ensure regulatory compliance and quality assurance.

Harwell Dosimeters initially sent batches of Alanine Pellets to CI Precision for check-weighing. After realising the superior quality control from using CI Precision’s weight sorters, Harwell Dosimeters decided to purchase their own SADE SP weight sorters when their check-weighing demand grew. Within ten years, the company had purchased three SP-B40 Benchtop and two SP140 weight sorters.

CI Precision’s SADE SP weight sorters were ideal for Harwell as they were some of the few weight sorters that could easily handle the size, shape and weight of the pellets and deliver the high accuracy demanded by this application. As they can carry out accurate and automated weight sorting as well as provide automated batch reporting, the weight sorters eliminated many of the error-prone and time-consuming tasks associated with manual weighing, helping Harwell to meet the strict quality assurance requirements more efficiently.

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