Improving productivity

With a backdrop of rising costs, global competition and increased outsourcing, you cannot afford to let productivity slip. From low cost generics to high-margin, specialised drugs, everyone is working to make manufacturing more efficient and reliably consistent.
Approaching a business case

Reducing staff costs

Typically, some of the largest productivity improvements can be made by focusing on streamlining manual processes and eliminating paperwork. Manufacturing operations can be particularly labour-intensive, as material and equipment are carefully cross-checked, detailed paperwork is completed, and second-checkers oversee everything. When you are working with paper-based records, final checking of each batch is also time-consuming, adding to costs and delaying the release of the finished product..

Eliminating manual errors

Reducing human error can deliver dramatic cost reductions. Savings come in part from reducing errors, but also in identifying them early, before the batch is affected and production time wasted. With manual processes, errors in batch records and other paperwork can prevent the batch from being released, while investigating and putting it right is time-consuming and costly. The concept of right first time is critical to production efficiency.
Ci-DMS Manufacturing Execution Software (MES)
Improving productivity

Automating processes

With an MES system like Ci-DMS, time-consuming and error-prone manual work is replaced with automated processes, including all pre-checks, manufacturing activity and post-checks for each batch stage. The system guides operators through each recipe step, using barcodes, label printing and integrated equipment, such as balances and floor scales. As well as reducing operators’ workload, this minimises errors and ensures compliance without the need for second checkers.

Eliminating paperwork

All the disadvantages of paper-based records are eliminated with Ci-DMS. It maintains electronic batch records, automatically updating them with details of every activity, including the specific material and equipment used. Operators’ electronic signatures are attached automatically. Every step of the production process is verified and the electronic batch record updated, so any discrepancies can be caught early and the finished batch can be released with minimal extra work.
Improving productivity
Ci-DMS Manufacturing Execution System

Enhancing management information

To pinpoint performance bottlenecks and manage people effectively, good management information is essential. Ci-DMS includes powerful reporting tools which allow you to identify how long different parts of your processes are taking, how well different operators are performing and where further improvements could be made.

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