Building a business case

We can help you build a robust business case to support your investment decision.

Facilitating the approval process

The justification for batch recovery or weight sorting in R&D is usually very strong, but to avoid objections and challenges further down the line you need colleagues to understand the financial justification and see the benefit of new working practices. Providing a clear, robust business case is key to achieving this.

Approaching a business case

In practice, the priority is to identify and engage with the different stakeholders, to understand their position and to provide them with information about the problem and its possible solutions. An essential aspect of this is putting numbers to the problem that you want to solve. What is the cost of doing nothing or continuing as you did in the past? What ROI could you achieve by optimising your processes around a new weight sorter?
Approaching a business case
Business Case

Supporting you through the steps

We can support you through all of the steps in building a business case and cost justification. We have experience from across healthcare research, development and manufacturing to help you devise optimal processes and compare them with the alternatives. As you structure a complete and credible business case, with costs, risks and time implications, we will help you evaluate the cost of ownership of a new weight sorter against the cost of labour before and after.

Achieving your desired outcome

At CI Precision we have supported many healthcare companies with this process. Over 30 years our weight sorters have attracted a large and highly satisfied customer base, including leading manufacturers and research organisations of all sizes.  
Ci-DMS Manufacturing Execution System

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