Cost-effective compliance in R&D

We are driving down the cost of achieving compliance using automated, 100% check weighing.

Counting the cost of compliance

Achieving quality and compliance in R&D can be laborious and painstaking. To be certain of conformance, you need to weigh every item individually. However, manual weighing is a time-consuming and expensive task for skilled lab technicians. With manual weighing it is very hard to remain error-free for extended periods, whether sorting or manually recording readings. From a validation and data integrity perspective, manual weighing and recordkeeping are particularly problematic.

Automating your precision weight sorting

When you need to check the weight of every single item, SADE SP weight sorters and checkweighers automate the process, taking accurate readings and separating out non-conformant items. No matter how large or small your batch, a SADE SP weight sorter provides 100% weight sorting, running reliably 24/7, without a technician in attendance. Every weighing is recorded and saved in a tamper-proof electronic record.
SADE SP Series weight sorters and checkweighers
Tablet weighing

Weighing anything and everything

SADE SP weight sorters and checkweighers can handle anything that you need them to: from the smallest to the largest and everything in-between, including tablets, capsules, soft gels and other formats. They are robust and tolerant of dusty, misshapen and damaged product.

Supporting the healthcare sector

For over 30 years, tablet & capsule weight sorters and checkweighers from CI Precision have been trusted by the leading clinical research organisations and healthcare manufacturers, worldwide. They are the clear choice for verifiable, precision weighing wherever you need it.
SADE SP Series weight sorters and checkweighers

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