Operating in your environment


SADE SP tablet & capsule weight sorters / checkweighers work in any healthcare manufacturing, research or development setting.

Deploying with minimal preparation

Our SADE SP weight sorters and checkweighers have been designed specifically for healthcare research and manufacturing. They work equally well in any environment where you prepare or produce products, without any special preparation or modifications.

They are designed to be deployed in different locations and are fully mobile. In a production environment they fit wherever you have space. Once positioned they are perfectly stable on any level floor.

SADE SP weight sorters
SADE SP weight sorters

Supporting containment

SADE SP weight sorters and checkweighers are widely used in aseptic areas and we regularly work with customers to create custom containment solutions. Our standard units can operate reliably without maintenance between scheduled shutdowns and all contact parts can be removed for cleaning without using tools.

Working in challenging environments

We can provide adapted weight sorters and checkweighers for use in extreme environments or if you have products that require extra special handling, such as very low humidity. Our standard products often require only minor modifications and we are committed to finding a solution for every case.

SADE SP Series weight sorters and checkweighers

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