Precision Weight Grading for Aluminium Slugs

How are your operations monitored and quality control applied during the manufacturing process?

Ensure alloy consistency

To ensure high-quality slugs you must analyse each process, from the preparation of the melt furnace to the final packaging for alloy consistency and dimensional accuracy.

The weight of a slug can be a measure to determine alloy composition, production quality, process improvements, and much more, that could not be picked up with other inspection methods.

Aluminium Slugs
Aluminium Slugs

Reduce the risk of metallurgical pollution

With the increasing demand for new products, such as automotive safety parts and aerosol containers, we recognise that metallurgical pollution or defect can cause a major risk to your customers.

Comparing the expected weight of an aluminium slug with its actual weight can indicate that a contaminant is present or deformed.

Assurance of 100% zero-defects

When it comes to materials for automotive components, electronics and pressurised containers, the highest level of commitment to precision and quality is imperative.

Accurate, fast, and reliable with an MX precision grader the slug manufacturer can weigh-check every slug that comes off the production lines, pulling out any that do not meet specifications.

Aluminium Slugs
Aluminium Slugs

Less wastage

Experiencing high weight variations in your slugs and an unacceptable level of wastage from your impact extrusion process?

The MX five-way precision weight grading system can weigh, grade, and sort every slug to improve quality control and drive process improvement changes.

Reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint

When your customer’s goal is to make aluminium packaging the most sustainable package, economically, environmentally and socially, you need to ensure your manufacturing process can help your customers achieve their goals and provide what consumers want.

With improvements in batch yield the MX can provide real environmental benefits such as reduced raw material and energy costs with less wastage and scrap

Aluminium Slugs
Aluminium Slugs

Automation and Industry 4.0

“Smart production” has led to developments in automation/ Industry 4.0 across the slug manufacturing and impact extrusion process.

Weight variability in slug manufacture is often an early indicator that can be the catalyst to drive process improvements. The MX precision grader automatically records every weighing, and the data is immediately available for analysis, to support statistical process controls and to underpin continuous improvement.

MX precision weight grader in action

Next Steps

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