Precision Weight Grading for Agritech R&D

How data-driven analytics is powering agribusiness for the big task ahead: reducing food insecurity

Turning weight data into actionable inputs

Our mission is to improve the practice of collecting and measuring weight inputs to get the most out of soil, seeds, water, fertilizer, weather, and storage to eliminate waste and maximize yield.

MX weight graders have been used in the research of animal feeds, to determine the size and density of natural products, moisture levels, and even energy or protein content. 

MX Precision Weight Grading for Agritech R&D
MX Precision Weight Grading for Agritech R&D

Efficient food production

According to the United Nations, the world’s population will grow to 9.7 billion by 2050, requiring global food production to more than double, unless major efficiencies are found to mitigate waste. Food growing and distribution must reach higher levels of efficiency and have access to data — and to the tools for collecting and analysing it.

Precision weight grading in Agritech research can be an excellent way of deriving measurements or providing verification of key attributes. The weight of an item can be a measure to determine potential yield, batch quality, and much more, that could not be picked up with other inspection methods.

Sustainable Development Goals

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the world is already off track to meet Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and the COVID-19 pandemic introduced new challenges for SDGs.

In the livestock sector we’re seeing Agritech companies use the MX weight grader to actively support the SDGs. These include research and development of animal feeds to move from a resource depleting linear system of production to a circular food system.

MX Precision Weight Grading for Agritech R&D

Climate change

Climate change is increasing temperatures and altering rainfall patterns, which has an impact on what can be grown where, and in some cases shifts the growing season for crops.

In the cropping sector, we’ve seen the MX weight grader used to forecast the average size, growth rate, predicted production, and size class distribution at harvest time whilst adapting to the changing environment.

Farm to Fork

The Farm to Fork Strategy aims to accelerate our transition to a sustainable food system that should: have a neutral or positive environmental impact; help to mitigate climate change and reverse the loss of biodiversity.

Whether you are working on incremental product improvements or researching entirely new areas, measuring the results can be one of your most challenging and time-consuming activities.

Weighing is sometimes overlooked but can be an excellent way of deriving other measurements or providing verification of key attributes. 

MX Precision Weight Grading for Agritech R&D

Sustainable soil management

Farmers understand that productive soils mean productive farms, and tools like soil amendments, cover crops, no-till, and others are becoming more popular in farming circles.

If you need to make changes to raw materials, formulations or treatments, it is essential that you can measure the impact on output. Weight variability is often an early indicator of problems.

Precision agriculture

Precision agriculture or site specific crop management is a farming management concept based on observing, measuring and responding to inter and intra-field variability in crops.

MX weight graders can divide natural products or raw materials into sub-groups according to weight. This allows you to adjust the process for each set, to ensure optimal results every time.

MX Precision Weight Grading for Agritech R&D
MX Precision Weight Grading for Agritech R&D

Agriculture 4.0

Agriculture 4.0 is the future of agriculture and will see huge innovations in farming technology that helps agronomists address long-standing industry challenges and improve efficiency for various processes.

MX weight graders are being used to check and separate out defective items at different stages in production processes. Where there is variability in raw materials, MX precision graders can be used to separate them into precise weight bands, so the variation can be controlled and optimised for subsequent processes.

MX precision weight grader video

Weigh, grade and sort for quality control and process improvements.

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