Errors in your Batch Manufacturing Record?

Do you have errors in your Batch Manufacturing Record? (66% of rejects and re-works in paper-based pharmaceutical manufacturing is the result of a) missed entries and b) errors in recording*)

Ci-DMS MES validates data entry, generates records and eliminates paperwork errors, and as a result, improves cycle times and productivity.

*source: Pharmaceutical Engineering

Ci-DMS MES in the Dispensing Suite


Automate your dispensary operation and integrate stock and production order information with your ERP

Dispensing Suite

The cost of maintaining and storing records

Paper-based pharmaceutical manufacturers spend more money than their electronic-based competitors on the cost of maintaining and storing records, as required by the FDA, (estimated $400 Billion Cost of Goods Sold (COGS*).

With Ci-DMS MES batch manufacturing records are maintained and stored electronically with version control and approval. Our customers benefit from electronic traceability enabling quicker audit preparation, and rapid response to audit questions.

*source: various

Achieve compliance whilst improving efficiency

Ci-DMS MES electronically manages the weighing and dispensing of manufacturing and packaging materials and the sampling of raw material lots.

It is used in healthcare environments worldwide to improve Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

It replaces paper-based processes, helping achieve better compliance while improving operational efficiency and productivity

Ci-DMS from CI Precision installed at weigh & dispense booths at Eisai

Ci-DMS MES in action

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