Validation services for a SADE SP Weight Sorter


Support when, and where, you need it

To support your QA department, and ensure your weight sorter is in operation as quickly as possible, we offer Operational Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ) validation services tailored to your specific needs.

With over thirty years experience supplying weight sorters to the pharmaceutical industry you can be assured that you will receive regulatory compliant documentation, approved by our senior validation engineer on-site, to support your quality control, validation and regulatory compliance requirements.

• Maximise your investment value
• Ensure regulatory compliance is met
• Verified test, certified tools and developed standards
• System design insight
• Exceptionally price competitive

Get maximum value from your investment as soon as possible!

Utilising our experienced customer service team to perform the testing can greatly reduce the time needed to execute the OQ/PQ test protocols, using their knowledge of the equipment or software to deliver a right first time approach.

calibration visit is a scheduled service visit to ensure that the equipment is operating correctly

Ensuring regulatory compliance and industry standards are met

We know our equipment and software better than anyone. So you can be confident that your chosen solution is installed, operating and performing according to specification.

Verified test, certified tools and developed standards

Tried and tested approach, utilising our own expert developed OQ/PQ templates, or bespoke documentation designed and implemented in conjunction with your own validation team. Whichever route you choose peace of mind is assured.

SADE SP Series weight sorters and checkweighers

SADE SP Product Parts removable for cleaning (excl. bulk hopper). SADE SP Series tablet & capsule weight sorters and checkweighers.

Systems design insight

Trust your hardware or software qualification to the company that designed and built that solution. Utilising our expertise, will ensure a highly efficient and effective process

Exceptionally price competitive

Committing your own internal resources to designing and executing OQ/PQ test protocols can be a substantial undertaking. Especially when then solution is being learned at the same time. Save time and money by utilising our own Subject Matter Experts, and template documentation, to ensure compliance, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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