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As one of the most highly regarded research departments in chemistry in South Africa, the department of Chemistry and Polymer Science at Stellenbosch University engages in a wide range of research areas. The department leads one of the largest research efforts in polymer science in the country and has active research groups that focus on key research issues within analytical, physical, supramolecular, inorganic and organic chemistry.

Project Requirements

As a department that engages in a wide range of research areas, the department of Chemistry and Polymer Science at Stellenbosch University required a versatile and robust instrument that could be integrated into various experimental configurations. It also needed to provide extremely accurate measurements of very small amounts of material to help with the design and synthesis of new porous materials that would be capable of absorbing a wide variety of small molecules such as gases and solvent vapours.

The CI Precision Solution

When it comes to advanced research, the ability to customise experimental setups is crucial as it allows a variety of studies to be carried out without significant investment into new equipment or making compromises.

Professors as well as PhD and Masters students at Stellenbosch University all used the MK2-M5 microbalance to study powdered samples in the range of 1mg to 100mg in mostly vapours or organic solvents. The experiments varied in length from 1 hour to a few weeks. The balance was also used in other critical research studies by the university on solid-vapour sorption and reactions. 

The university’s microbalance kit included the MK2-M5 weigh head with PTFE coating and fixed temperature control, a DISBAL control unit, LabWeigh software and an accessories pack. This versatile, high-precision recording microbalance was ideal for Stellenbosch University and the different research experiments they performed as CI Precision supplies all microbalance components in modular kit form — this allowed the professors to construct a bespoke experimental system to study vapour sorption by new crystalline materials. The microbalance’s robust construction also meant the unit could withstand daily, intense use by researchers for different experiments.

Reliability and ease of use/implementation were other reasons the University gave for choosing CI Precision’s microbalance over others on the market.

"I have not needed much support so far, but the microbalance recently started to give trouble, most likely as a result of the types of vapours we use. The technicians at CI were able to diagnose the fault and promptly sent components which took five minutes for me to replace. The balance is back to normal again. I have had similar experiences with other UK-based companies and it is an absolute pleasure to deal with such people.”"

(On recommending CIP to others) “Yes, I recommended this equipment to someone at the University of Cape Town because these balances are very sensitive, stable and reliable.”

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