Paper-based process delays ?

Paper-based process-driven delays are no longer an issue for Ci-DMS MES customers ($300 B value lost in 2018*).

Our MES solution highlights deviations enabling batch release by exception and interfaces with the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to automatically update stock records.

A global pharmaceutical manufacturer saves half a million key presses per year by automating stock updates at their Singapore facility.

*Source: various including McKinsey & Co & Pharmaceutical Engineering

Ci-DMS MES in the Granulation Suite

Full traceability of operator actions and material usage.

Ci-DMS Manual Dosing Pre Scan Bags

Improve Productivity

With rising production costs pharmaceutical manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce their overheads and errors in recording data.

Ci-DMS MES reduces the headcount by removing the need for a second checker, reducing the risk of human error and significantly improving productivity.

Ci-DMS MES in action

Dispensing Suite
Granulation Suite
Packing Suite

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