Research and development applications

Whether you are working on incremental product improvements or researching entirely new areas, measuring the results can be one of your most challenging and time-consuming activities.

Accurate measurements can be essential for determining the outcome of a trial, while large volumes of data can be important to achieve statistical significance.

If you are limited to manual inspections or checks, this can be very challenging, onerous, expensive and with a high risk of human error.

Driving process improvement

Smarter approaches to measurement

Weighing is sometimes overlooked but can be an excellent way of deriving other measurements or providing verification of key attributes. MX precision graders have been used to determine size and density of items, to assess moisture levels and even to estimate future yield.  

Fast, unattended weighing

Researchers can achieve more and deliver results faster when they are free to focus on their work, rather than weighing individual items.

With MX precision graders, an entire batch can be checked and sorted, unattended.

While you do other work, the MX separates every item into different bins, according to your specific parameters. The system generates a statistical summary which you can use right away. If you need to do further analysis, the complete weighing and sorting data is there for you to use.

Weight sorters and checkweighers for small parts from CI Precision
Accuracy and data integrity

Accuracy and data integrity

If you are looking for particularly small change indicators and/or working with small batch sizes, accuracy is imperative. At the same time, if you can measure and grade with a high degree of confidence, you can take your trials further, achieving benefits right up to the acceptable limits.

MX precision graders help you to eliminate human error by automating the measurement, sorting and recording of results.

All the data is provided electronically to avoid transcription errors. If you require proof of results, your MX machine can be integrated to an MES or similar system to ensure end-to-end data integrity and trackability.

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