Driving process improvement

There are tremendous cost savings, competitive advantages and risk reductions to be achieved through process improvement programmes. 
Driving process improvement

Process improvement programmes

You need accurate and meaningful measurement in order to identify where change is needed and to assess the results of those changes. This includes:

  • Measuring accurately so you can be confident of what you are observing
  • Gathering enough data to provide statistical significance analysis/li>
  • Collecting data in a timely manner so you achieve results without long delays/li>

Although it is not always the first parameter that comes to mind, weighing can be a very effective and reliable way of assessing other metrics. You may be able to assess from its weight whether an item is damaged or contaminated, if it is the wrong size, or if a coating has been applied incorrectly.

Catching issues early

A defective component or sub-assembly will cause less of a problem if it is spotted early, before it goes on for further work or is incorporated into a larger assembly.

MX precision graders can be integrated into your production processes at key points, checking every item or automatically sampling, to detect non-conformance and mitigate the cost of rework downstream.

Weight sorters and checkweighers for small parts from CI Precision
Weight sorters and checkweighers for small parts from CI Precision

Identifying and eliminating root causes

Where you are working to eliminate a production problem, a programme of focused measurement can take you beyond the symptoms to identify root causes.

MX precision graders are flexible enough to fit at almost any point in your production. They can be used freestanding, to measure samples wherever required, or integrated at multiple points in your production to measure every item. Every weighing is recorded, and the data is immediately available for analysis, to support statistical process controls and to underpin continuous improvement.

Assessing the impact of changes

If you need to make changes to raw materials, formulations or treatments, it is essential that you can measure the impact on output. Weight variability is often an early indicator of problems.

With MX precision graders, you can gather complete, accurate data that allows you to analyse the results of changes, in the final product and at intermediate stages.

Weight sorters and checkweighers for small parts from CI Precision
Weight sorters and checkweighers for small parts from CI Precision

Adapting for variability in inputs

If you work with natural products or raw materials that have an unavoidable degree of variability, you may achieve better, more consistent results by changing the production parameters to suit different sizes or types.

MX precision graders can divide raw materials or part-processed items into sub-groups according to weight. This allows you to adjust the process for each set, to ensure optimal results every time.

Achieving tighter tolerances

High accuracy from the MX allows tighter tolerances than other methods.

By improving your control tolerances, you can reduce wastage and raw material costs while maintaining high quality standards.

Variances in weight are often good indicators of problems – processes that can be targeted for improvement. MX Precision Graders allow you to weigh large samples or potentially every item, so you have the best data for focusing your efforts.

Weight sorters and checkweighers for small parts from CI Precision

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