Sharing expertise in the use of recording microbalances

  Every experiment is different but there are common techniques for using recording microbalances that avoid problems and maximise consistency, accuracy and reliability. We understand that these kinds of technical details are not often published in academic papers so not as widely shared as other knowledge
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We are experts in recording microbalances and welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge, to help you design the equipment and experiments that you need. Our specialists are available on the phone and through email, to share advice and insights. We understand that your work may be confidential, particularly in the early stages, so will not share any details of your work or configuration without your permission. If you have bought a recording microbalance from CI Precision or are considering doing so, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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From repair and refurbishment to supplying parts and accessories, we provide the technical services you need for your microbalance kits to maintain lifelong accuracy and sensitivity.


Maintaining excellent accuracy and stability in experiments

Delft Solids Solutions needed a highly sensitive analytical instrument that can be used in research experiments for precise measurements of very small amounts of material.

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Providing reliable and highly accurate measurements for research studies

The department of Chemistry and Polymer Science at Stellenbosch University required a versatile and robust instrument that could be integrated into various experimental configurations.

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