Support services for manufacturing execution systems


To keep you compliant with good manufacturing practice and regulatory change a continuous support and maintenance service is available.

Software updates and validation

Like the healthcare industry itself, our systems need to adapt to the ever changing needs of our users. With every new release we provide functionality to help you achieve operational efficiency and compliance with the latest regulations, as well as maintaining compatibility with the operating environment and collaborating applications. We also provide validation documentation supporting the changes made.

If you want to take early advantage of productivity enhancements to our products and influence the future direction of our product development we provide the option to take part in pre-release evaluations. Either way, our maintenance contracts are an extremely cost-effective way of obtaining the product updates that you need.

Supporting validation
Ci-DMS from CI Precision installed at weigh & dispense booths at Eisai

Providing technical and user support

Customers report very few day-to-day issues with Ci-DMS but tell us that our technical support is outstanding, helping them make the most effective use of product functionality, sharing best practice with new employees and supporting IT staff.

Installations for testing, training and support

Our maintenance contracts include a provision for additional software licenses, so you can keep replicas of your live system for testing and validating updates and for training purposes. We can also restore copies of your databases onto our servers so that our technical staff can investigate and support issues quickly and safely.

Ci-DMS MES Training at CI Precision

Project delivery and consulting

We offer a full programme of services for all the stages from requirements planning through customisation, implementation and go-live. Read more here.

Interested in Ci-DMS support?

To find out more, please contact CI Precision or your local channel partner.