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Validation Services

Many organisations have limited availability of validation resources. Making use of our validation products provides you with an opportunity to complete your validation process in a shorter time and at a lower cost.

Installation & IQ Support
Every new weight sorter includes installation, IQ support service, and operator training by qualified engineers from CI Precision, or our partners. We also offer additional OQ/PQ support services to ensure correct operation and avoid compliance issues.

OQ Support
We offer an on-site OQ support service designed to validate the functionality of the weight sorter, by testing the normal running processes, performance, alarm conditions, data management, and other critical functions performed by the equipment.
Operation Qualification will give you evidence that your new weight sorter is operating as intended and meeting functional requirements.

PQ Support
CI Precision’s PQ support service is designed to suit your specific needs. We can supply a standard PQ template which you can then tailor to your requirements. Alternatively, we can assist you with the development of a bespoke PQ document. We can also provide on-site support to assist you as required.


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