Additional Contact Sets
Additional Contact Sets
SADE SP Series weight sorters and checkweighers

Additional Contact Sets

Additional Contact Sets

While the contact sets supplied with your machine will handle any shape and size of tablet, capsule or soft gel, there are reasons why you may wish to consider purchasing additional contact sets.

• Reduced downtime between batches by operating with a second set whilst the first set is being cleaned
• Elimination of cross-contamination risk if working with high potency or hormone-based products
• Reduced investment in early-stage R&D by avoiding costly development of a validated cleaning procedure

Optional Material Certification 

We can offer optional material certification for each contact part back to the manufacturer’s material specification certificate. All contact parts are etched and serialised, to ensure full component traceability.

Optional 0.5 Ra finish with a certification

The SADE SP range has been designed to ensure superior levels of GMP compliance and hygiene. All 316L and PEEK contact parts are guaranteed to 0.8 Ra surface finish.

If a higher standard of surface finish is required we offer a 0.5 Ra finish with certification.

A better surface finish will help to improve your cleaning process; maintain aseptic conditions; reduce product adhesion, and ensure that your downtime and return on investment are minimised.

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