Support services for weight sorters


Comprehensive support to keep your SADE SP tablet & capsule weight sorter / checkweigher operating faultlessly, year after year.

Installation and validation

To ensure correct operation and avoid compliance issues, qualified engineers from CI Precision or our partners install and configure every weight sorter / checkweigher that we supply.

To help validate your new SADE SP tablet & capsule weight sorter we provide extensive support, based on many years’ working with the healthcare industry. We offer a detailed validation pack with all the information that is commonly required, together with templates for specific parts of your own validation documentation. If you need further details that are not in the standard validation pack, our team are experienced at finding all the relevant answers. Read more about our validation services.

SADE SP Product Parts removable for cleaning (excl. bulk hopper). SADE SP Series tablet & capsule weight sorters and checkweighers.


Our weight sorters are straight-forward to configure, operate and maintain. To ensure that all your operators understand how to use them in a way that is safe and fully compliant with your processes, we provide operator training, and can offer subsequent training sessions, tailored to your specific roles and responsibilities.

Our training includes machine and batch setup and operation, calibration, retrieval of data and secure reports, dismantling for cleaning and routine maintenance.

Maintenance and calibration

Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) is essential for continued compliance. We offer PPM contracts that include full recalibration and testing, carried out by a qualified engineer on an agreed schedule. All of the work that they carry out is documented so it can be included in your formal audit trail.

SADE SP Series weight sorters and checkweighers
This essential Service Spares Pack has been designed to contain spare parts for a SADE SP weight sorter

Parts and spares

We provide a fast, efficient spare parts service – speak to your sales representative for details. If you are using weight sorters as part of an essential process, we can provide a critical spares pack that you can keep on your premises, to use in case of damage to the weight sorter or in the unlikely event of a failure.

All contact parts can be removed from our weight sorters for cleaning. If you require additional sets of contact parts, to enable faster turnaround between batches or for use with high potency or hormone-based products, we can supply these for all of our machines.

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