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Every vendor claims to have the skills and experience to deliver your MES project on time, so how can you work out which of them actually have a strong likelihood of achieving it?

At CI Precision we have been delivering MES systems to healthcare manufacturing companies for over 30 years, with an excellent on-time delivery record. We understand the risks well and work with our clients to mitigate against them from the outset.

For MES projects in healthcare, we believe there are four critical success factors:


Facing reality early

For some businesses, a new MES system cannot deliver the ROI that would be expected. If this is the case we would rather find out before we start a major project. If you haven’t already done so, we start by researching the processes and systems, in order to develop a business case study for MES. This looks realistically at all the costs involved in software implementation and process change, against the reasonable expectation of ROI.

We would only recommend committing to the project when it is agreed that the costs are reasonable and that there will be sufficient return on investment.

A phased project approach

We have learned that the most successful projects are those which are rolled out as distinct phases. By focusing on one functional area at a time the project team can focus on getting all the details right before proceeding. An early success, which provides tangible benefits for individual staff, helps everyone to become engaged and positive about the change. Equally, by delivering ROI very quickly the project team can justify the investment in appropriate project resources.

During each phase of the project we follow a standard lifecycle approach, with clearly defined phases, documented activities and a gated approach to ensure everything has been completed properly before moving on.

Lifecycle Model
Project Budget

Realistic project resourcing

Typically, an MES project is part of a wider change initiative and requires significant input from the business, including managers, team leaders and other specialists. In practice, it can be very hard for them to find time to combine project work with their regular duties, which often leads to slipped deadlines and extra costs.

From the outset, we will be very honest about how much resource you are going to need. If we don’t think you have enough people available with all the right skills, then we will propose to put in additional specialists to assist. We understand the pressure to keep costs reasonable and will balance this with the direct financial gains from delivering the project benefits without delay.

Development in support of delivery

We think it is essential to have a strong connection between software developers and product management. This has led to a product which is extremely well adapted to the reality of customer projects. It also means you benefit from an excellent transfer of knowledge and best practices around product capabilities and how to apply them.

We have a very high staff retention rate with great product knowledge and industry experience.

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