We're here when you need us

As restrictions across the UK continue to evolve, we want to reassure you that we are here to help and remain operating as normal.

Our customer service team remains booked well in advance, and pharma customers should reserve their calibration or service work now to avoid disappointment later.

All our exciting manufacturing execution system (MES) implementation and upgrade software projects are on time and budget as we work, together with our customers, to adapt to new ways of working remotely.

With demand for pharmaceuticals and their need more critical than ever, weight checking and sorting remain a vital part of tablet and capsule development and manufacture. Ensuring batches are properly checked, and ready for on-time delivery, or that the research project continues accurately and in a timely manner is vital, highlighting a continued urgent need for our weight sorting solutions.

We are delighted to be able to support your business through these unprecedented times.

The quickest way to increased production efficiency

From automatic benchtops to full-scale offline production weight sorters our world-wide locations are stocked with ready-to-ship equipment RIGHT NOW!

To support you in these exceptional circumstances we are able to offer eDemos, virtual meetings and online ordering solutions.

We are committed to working with you to Stay Safe and Stay Productive.

Supporting a virtual workforce environment

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are reducing the number of employees on-site because of COVID-19. But when manufacturing processes are paper-based, staff must be on-site to complete, check, and sign them. In the current climate, this can increase health risks and cause sign-off delays, especially in a remote-working environment.

Ci-DMS MES can support paperless manufacturing, a virtual workforce environment, and enable digital workflows

Next Steps

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