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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your MES Partner

Selecting the right partner is as important as choosing the right MES solution. We understand that your investment in an MES is one of the most important decisions you will make, so here are some insights to help you decide on the right MES partner.

1. Does the vendor fully understand your challenges

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Only after analysing the issues and shortcomings in your current setup can an MES vendor realistically evaluate the ROI and the costs associated with your project. Does the vendor have knowledgeable and industry-experienced staff supporting you with the business analyses?

Our team is focused on MES for the healthcare sector. We only take on projects that we know we can make a success of, so we will typically lead with a business case study to uncover your full requirements to work out all the costs required for an MES initiative and evaluate the expected ROI.

Because we start with a very good understanding of your requirements, as your MES partner we can estimate prices and project time with a high degree of accuracy.


2. Do they offer a phased project approach?

Lifecycle Model

Does the MES vendor recommend a phased project approach? By concentrating on one functional area at a time, the project team can focus on getting all the details right before proceeding.

We have learned that the most successful projects are those which are rolled out as distinct phases. An early success, which provides tangible benefits for individual staff, helps everyone to become engaged and positive about the change. During each phase of the project, we follow a standard lifecycle approach, with clearly defined phases, documented activities and a gated approach to ensure everything has been completed properly before moving on.

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3. Is the vendor realistic about project resource demand?

Is the vendor realistic regarding the project resources you will need? Typically, an MES project requires significant input from the business, and it can be very hard for staff to find time to combine project work with their regular duties, which often leads to slipped deadlines and extra costs.

From the outset, we will be very honest about how much resource you are going to need. If we don’t think you have enough people available with all the right skills, then we will propose putting in additional specialists to assist. As a trusted MES partner to leading manufacturers, we understand the pressure to keep costs reasonable and will balance this with the direct financial gains from delivering the project benefits without delay.


4. Will you be working directly with the software developers?

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Will you be working directly with the software developers and benefitting from their knowledge of the product’s capabilities?

Here at CI Precision, we think it is essential to have a strong connection between software developers and product management. This has led to a product which is extremely well adapted to the reality of customer projects. It also means you benefit from an excellent transfer of knowledge around product capabilities and best practices on how to use the software most effectively.


5. Will the vendor remain committed to achieving your long-term strategic goals?

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Will the vendor remain committed to achieving your long-term strategic goals once the project is completed? Will they recommend additional functionality to help support the growth of your business in the years to come?

We plan for the long-term and are committed to all our customers. We build strong customer relationships, right up to the directors and owners. MES solutions and the healthcare sector are central to our business, so if you have a concern or want us to add functionality to the core product, you will find that we are listening and responsive.


Choosing the right MES partner

The right MES provider can be fundamental to helping you achieve your current and future business objectives, so it is important to make a considered decision. When selecting your MES partner, consider:

  1. Building a Business Case – will you receive advice and support?
  2. Phased Project Approach – early success provides benefits
  3. Project Resource Demand – is the vendor realistic with resources?
  4. Access to Software Developers – will you work with the developers?
  5. Long-Term Goals – will your vendor remain committed?

MES suppliers are not just any other vendor but are business partners that can help you achieve your production, compliance and strategic goals. We hope our article has helped highlight some of the key factors to consider when choosing your MES partner. If you would like any further advice on MES solutions or would like to discuss an MES implementation project, contact our friendly team here.