Why CI Precision

  We understand that your investment in an MES system is one of the most important decisions you will make. Our customers tell us that CI Precision stands apart from other suppliers, so we would like to give you some insights into how we work, so you judge for yourself whether we might be the right partner for your MES initiative.
Ci-DMS Manufacturing Execution System

Focusing on your challenges

At CI Precision, our MES solutions are developed solely for the healthcare manufacturing sector. Customers around the world have relied on our systems for over 30 years, from single sites to big multinational operations. We deliver exceptionally high levels of customer satisfaction; almost everyone who has ever bought our product is still actively using it.

Supporting your operations

Customers find that Ci-DMS needs very little day-to-day support. Once the system has been validated and staff have been trained, it just keeps working the way they expect. None the less, we provide rapid, attentive support in case of emergency or when you are planning changes to manufacturing processes, your ERP system or IT infrastructure.
Ci-DMS Manufacturing Execution System

With you for the long-term

We plan for the long-term and are committed to all of our customers. We build strong customer relationships, right up to the directors and owners. MES and the healthcare sector are central to our business, so if you have a concern or want us to add functionality to the core product, you will find that we are listening and responsive. Our team is focused on MES for the healthcare sector. We have low staff turnover so our consultants and project teams are all knowledgeable and experienced.

Right first time

We only take on projects that we know we can make a success of, so typically lead with a business case study to uncover your full requirements, work out all the costs required for an MES initiative and evaluate the expected ROI. Because we start with a very good understanding of your requirements, we can estimate prices with a high degree of accuracy; CI Precision is known for quoting realistically and committing to it. We also have an open, partner-based approach to delivering projects, working with you to meet your project goals which gives us an excellent track record for on-time, on-budget delivery.

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