Grupo Leti Praise Ci-DMS Project Team

Congratulations to members of the Ci-DMS project team for the excellent feedback they received from our long-standing customer, Grupo LETI, the major Venezuelan pharmaceutical manufacturer. Ci-DMS manages the weighing and dispensing of raw materials, ensuring that LETI remain compliant, cost efficient and error-free.

We are very proud of our colleagues Logan, James and Craig, who were singled out by the client for their problem-solving attitude, proactive interventions and their skill and know-how.

This 18 week project was part of a major upgrade of the LETI technology platform and involved installing the latest Ci-DMS release on new server and client hardware.

The client commented that “The CI Precision team was fundamental in finishing the project on time, on scope and on budget.  The team was knowledgeable, professional and excellent team players. Overall, we are very pleased and feel very confident in having CI Precision as a strategic partner.– IT Infrastructure Manager. Technology and IT

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