Recording Microbalances for Research and Analysis

When you are designing an experiment that requires exceptionally accurate measurement of changes to weight or force, our recording microbalances are the clear choice. Available in component or kit form, they give you the greatest flexibility and value without compromise.

Recording Microbalance Kits

Maximise choice and accuracy, minimise cost.

CI Precision, a world leader in microbalance technology, supplies versatile microbalance systems in kit form for you to build a comprehensive solution to meet your exact experimental requirements. This reduces the need for compromises, as can often happen with fully integrated systems.

Our microbalances kits are designed to provide accurate and sensitive measurements of weight change, with microgram sensitivity, for a sample exposed to controlled environmental conditions over an extended period of time.

Standard Kit

  • measuring small changes in weight at ambient room temperature and pressure
  • interfaces easily into an experimental configuration

Standard Kit with Glassware

  • accessories for experiments involving weighing in a gas or vacuum

Standard Kit with ThermoGravimetric Analysis

  • measuring small changes in weight at elevated temperatures and pressures
  • interfaces easily into an experimental configuration

Standard Kit with Mullite Accessories

  • accessories for experiments involving weighing in elevated temperatures
Recording microbalances
Minimising costs

CI Precision Microbalance Benefits

  • Easily integrated into your experimental system
  • High load capacity up to 5g
  • Robust construction for a longer lifetime use
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System Components

Microbalance System Components

No need to buy the things you don’t need. We sell all of the components of our recording microbalances separately, so you can build a completely unique system for your experiments.

Using microbalance components can considerably reduce expenditure without compromising accuracy and maintaining high standards of reliability. They are compact, robust, and rapid in response, with optimum relative precision and stability.

DISBAL & LabWeigh

The balance head can be supplied as a free-standing instrument with a DISBAL control unit for input/output to a PC, and LabWeigh software package for data collection and analysis.

Furnace and furnace controller

We can offer furnace systems with different performance profiles and higher maximum temperatures to satisfy your research requirements. These systems include a furnace, controller and control thermocouple. This is a single zone tube furnace, with Controller 24044CP.

ThermoGravimetric Analysis Kit

CI Precision’s Thermogravimetric Analysis equipment (TGA) is designed for applications that involve monitoring changes in sample weight at elevated temperatures and possibly at reduced pressure or in a controlled environment. The furnace and furnace control unit enable the sample to be heated to predetermined temperatures and maintained at those temperatures for a desired amount of time.

The Universal Attachment allows samples to be suspended in a hot furnace while keeping the upper part of the apparatus cool. It also enables the sample to be weighed in a vacuum or immersed in a gas other than air.

Available in a kit form, or as separate components, our TGA equipment is cost effective, versatile and easy to fit in with your experiments.

ThermoGravimetric Analysis Kit
ThermoGravimetric Analysis Kit
ThermoGravimetric Analysis Kit
Glassware and Flasks

Glassware and Flasks

We have a range of flasks, tubes and universal attachments for weighing in various temperatures, gases and in a vacuum.

The Standard Universal Attachment provides a means of passing gas over a sample and exhausting the products of combustion. The sample flask can be heated in a furnace for high temperature work or conversely cooled below room temperature. The balance head is protected from any extremes of temperature by the water jacket around the centre tube.

The Standard Universal Attachment is suitable for the following experiments:

  • Weighing at high temperatures up to 1200°C
  • Weighing at reduced temperatures
  • Weighing in a vacuum
  • Weighing in a gas

Rods, Pans & Calibration Weights

All the accessories to build your system

A selection of suspension rods, pans, and pan carriers are available in materials appropriate to the temperatures, pressures, and gases required for your experiment. Mullite accessories allow experiments up to 1600°C.

The standard suspension rods are made of nichrome with a hook on each end. For high-temperature work a set of silica suspension rods of different lengths with silica hooks is available. The rods are suitable for a metal enclosure and are ideal for use with the Universal Attachment.

We can offer a range of pans and pan carriers which are suitable for temperatures from 0 to 500C.

Calibration weights conform to the OIML (International Organization of Legal Metrology). If certification of the weight is required then NAMAS certification can be supplied at extra cost.

If you cannot see what you are looking for, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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