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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Checkweigher Supplier

Selecting the right partner is as important as choosing the right checkweigher. A checkweigher supplier should ensure that you are always satisfied with the performance of the checkweigher and support you through the entire useful life of the equipment. Here is a guide to help you select the best partner.

1. Building a Business Case

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Can the checkweigher supplier help you build a business case to avoid objections and challenges from colleagues and to understand the financial justification and benefits of new working practices?

We can support you through all of the steps in building a business case and cost justification. We have experience from across pharmaceutical research, development and manufacturing to help you devise optimal processes and compare them with the alternatives.


2. Supporting Your Validation

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Does the checkweigher supplier have the validation resources and industry-specific experience to help you complete your validation process in a shorter time and at a lower cost?

To maximise the value from your investment as soon as possible and reduce the time needed to execute the OQ/PQ test protocols, our experienced customer service team can perform the testing using their knowledge of the equipment or software to deliver a right-first-time approach.


3. Planned Maintenance and Calibration

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Does the checkweigher supplier provide ongoing support to help you achieve your long-term productivity goals with longer run cycles and faster downtime recovery? Providing relevant and timely support is particularly important for this and is something that we excel at.

We offer regular routine servicing and calibration as well as a triennial or biennial comprehensive service to ensure that your new checkweigher continues to operate to specified performance levels, year on year, minimising downtime and cost. All of our work is documented so that it can be included in your formal audit trail.


4. Operator Training

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A competent checkweigher supplier should offer training to help ensure worker safety whilst also helping clients make the best possible use of the check weighing system.

We offer on-site operator training courses, as well as tailored training, to ensure optimum performance is maintained. We include a training session during installation and recommend regular training to refresh existing skills and retain corporate knowledge.


5. Worldwide Customer Support

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Does the checkweigher supplier have a global network of support services to assist you and your equipment wherever it may be?

We are proud of our reputation for providing high-quality engineering, validation and training support. This is delivered through our global network of support services comprising regional distribution and sales agent partners who are backed up by our in-house Customer Support team. This means that wherever you are, we can support you.


Choosing the Right Checkweigher Supplier

The right checkweigher partner can massively influence the success of your implementation project and subsequent day-to-day production operations. The right vendor can become a partner that can support you and your equipment throughout its operating life and deliver cost savings, so it is critical to take a considered approach when selecting your checkweigher supplier. Some important things to consider about your prospective vendor include:

  1. Building a Business Case – will you receive advice and support?
  2. Supporting your Validation – does the supplier have the knowledge?
  3. Planned Maintenance – will the supplier support your goals?
  4. Operator Training – will you receive the right training?
  5. Customer Support – does the supplier have the network?

We hope our article has helped highlight what you should consider when choosing your checkweigher supplier. If you would like any further information on precision weighing solutions, please contact our friendly team here.