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STADA Ireland Saves EUR100,000 by Renting a SADE Tablet/Capsule Weight Sorter for Three Weeks

As part of the international STADA group, STADA Production Ireland has a facility in Clonmel, County Tipperary, for manufacturing generic pharmaceutical products. The company recently suffered a weight-related batch failure and needed to salvage the in-specification tablets by means of a weight sorter. As the company did not own such a machine and needed one quickly, it rented a SADE tablet/capsule weight sorter from CI Precision. This enabled STADA Production to recover product worth almost EUR100,000 that would otherwise have been scrapped.

The tablets were around 14mm in length and weighed approximately 1100mg. Some 750,000 tablets were weight sorted at a rate of 15kg per eight-hour shift, with the sorter operating 24 hours per day.

Pat Quirke, speaking on behalf of STADA Production, comments:

“There was simply no alternative to sorting the tablets by weight. We therefore rented the SADE sorter for three weeks and saved product worth in the order of EUR100,000 – so the sorter paid for itself many times over. The statistical software was vital for QP batch release purposes. We were so impressed with its capabilities that we have now purchased our own SADE weight sorter.”

In conclusion, Pat Quirke says:

“The weight sorter is very capable and easy to use, clean and calibrate. The on-site support from CI Precision during installation and training was also first-class.”

CI Precision offers a comprehensive tablet/capsule weight sorter rental services to customers throughout Europe. Machines can be delivered within three days and CI Precision provides an engineer for installation and on-site training. The rental service complies with guidelines set down by all relevant regulatory bodies and adheres to strict procedures concerning clean-down. Weight sorter rental can be cost-effective for both production companies and those preparing development batches or clinical trial supplies.

For more information about the SADE SP range of tablet/capsule weight sorters from CI Precision, or to discuss a specific application, please contact us, telephone +44 (0) 1722 424100, or e-mail

STADA Ireland Saves EUR100,000 by Renting a SADE Tablet/Capsule Weight Sorter for Three Weeks

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