Sorption and Desorption Studies at Delft Solids Solutions using a CI Microbalance Back to news

Sorption and Desorption Studies at Delft Solids Solutions using a CI Microbalance

Delft Solids Solutions is a contract research centrum providing both experimental aid to clients using high-tech equipment and consultancy to clients with any process problems they may face.
Their core business includes all aspects of solid material characterization and solid handling in processes.

Patrick Verolme, researcher at Delft Solids Solutions, supervises the use of the MK2-M5 microbalance from CI Precision and supports all researchers and students who use the balance.
He comments,

“We have one CI Microbalance and have been using it for four years – more intensively this last year. Currently we use the balance for sorption studies (CO2, H2O, etc.) but also desorption studies (NH3, n-butylamine). TG-MS experiments have been performed using the balance.”

“Size of samples is usually 100mg, particle size varies from several um up to mm. Even gels have been measured. Typical experiment time is 6 hours – 72 hours. We use all types of gas.
Analysis of the results is through Hiden Isochema software and transported to Excel.”

Regarding technical support from CI Precision, Patrick Verolme says,

“Excellent support. CI Precision have been very willing to assist and provide fitting solutions.”

Asked whether he would recommend CI Microbalances to others, he replied,

“Yes, support is excellent and the accuracy and stability of the balance is very good.”

Delft Solids Solutions offer their services to a variety of industries such as the pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical, automotive, food and feed, and building materials industry.

For more information about CI Microbalances, thermo-gravimetric kits and accessories from CI Precision, or to discuss your specific application, please telephone +44 (0) 1722 424100, or

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