SADE SP Static Elimination Tablet & Capsule Weight Sorters now available


static problems in pharmaceutical manufacturing areas

anti-static system for tablet & capsule weight sorter

Static build-up is a common problem in pharmaceutical manufacturing areas.

The build-up of static charge occurs when differing materials rub together and this is amplified in moderate to low areas of humidity. As a result, the side-effects of static build-up are a common problem in pharmaceutical manufacturing areas.

In order to reduce the risk of static in the weight sorting process, CI Precision has integrated a static elimination system into the SADE SP range of weight sorters.

Our  modern static mitigation systems are:

  • easy to implement
  • inherently safe
  • cost-effective

This option is now available on our new range of anti-static tablet & capsule weight sorters or can be retrofitted to existing equipment.

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