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SADE SP-B40 Benchtop now available with Mini Hopper

Ideal for the busy R&D laboratory

With the addition of a mini hopper the SADE SP-B40 Benchtop sorter can be left unattended, thereby minimising operator involvement.

Designed for the 100% weight sorting of small development or clinical trial batches, this compact unit is ideal for the laboratory environment.

R&D — Ensures weight uniformity

Each tablet, or capsule, is individually weighed to a high accuracy of +/- 1mg and then sorted into accept and reject categories.

The unit handles a wide range of solid dose forms without the need for any format parts. Rapid clean down and ease of set-up means that the unit can be ready for the next product in a short time keeping down time to a minimum.

In weight sampling mode, the SADE SP-B40 is also adept at providing statistical analysis on samples of tablets or capsules.

For more information about SADE SP tablet and capsule weight sorters from CI Precision, or to discuss a specific application, please telephone +44 (0) 1722 424100, or e-mail 

SADE SP Models available: SP440, SP240, SP140 and SP-B40 Benchtop.

SADE SP-B40 Benchtop now available with Mini Hopper

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