This essential Service Spares Pack has been designed to contain spare parts for a SADE SP weight sorter
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SADE SP Series weight sorters and checkweighers

Spares Support

Minimise downtime

When you purchased your CI Precision tablet & capsule weight sorter you bought one of the most durable and reliable checkweighers in the world. However we recommend holding replacement parts to minimise downtime in the unlikely event of a failure.

Depending on your operating profile or downtime criteria we can offer a range of support options to suit your needs. This includes a wide range of spares packs, a reconditioning service for your precision balance, and prompt supply of individual spare parts on request.

Mechanical moving parts, electrical parts, guards and operator interfaces can wear over time. Our Customer Support team can advise when its time to replace these items before a failure occurs. This will help to preserve uptime and ensure operating efficiency.

Our spares solutions will increase your uptime and your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

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