Weight sorters and checkweighers for small parts from CI Precision
SADE SP440 tablet & capsule weight sorter
weigh, sort and grade small metal parts

SP440 Four Channel Weight Sorter

A high capacity weight sorter / checkweigher for the recovery of weight rejected production batches and 100% weight checking of large product trial batches for quality control.

The SP440 weight sorter combines four of our proven sorting channels into one compact, mobile unit. For ease of filling there is just one, 150 litre, bulk hopper.

Once set up the SP440 can operate for long periods freeing your operator’s time for other tasks.

  • Handles all shapes and sizes
  • No change parts are required
  • Accuracy ±2mg or ±1mg
  • Compact footprint
  • Mobile unit
  • 24-hour operation

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