SADE SP-B40 Benchtop tablet & capsule weight sorter
SADE SP140 tablet & capsule weight sorter
SADE SP Series weight sorters and checkweighers

SP140 & SP-B40 Critical Spares Pack

For use with a SADE SP-B40 or SP140 weight sorter this Spares Pack solution has been designed to fulfill the requirements of many of our customers who want the assurance of being able to recover quickly from a critical software/hardware failure. These components are not typically replaced as part of the normal service schedule and do not form part of our other existing spare parts solutions.

The Critical Spares Pack is recommended if any downtime will have an impact on your operating efficiency and it is the ideal solution for a full software backup.

“Plug and Play” – no engineering support required

The Control Circuit Boards are “Plug and Play” reducing downtime and ensuring that no engineering support is required to install.

• Recover from a critical failure
• Full software backup
• Control PCBs are “Plug & Play”
• No engineering support is required

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