SP-4C Sample Weight Checker

Our SP-4C tablet and capsule weight sampler is an effective and compact unit used for recording and analysing the weight of samples taken from a production line. It has the capability of checking tablets and capsules of a variety of shapes and sizes and offers an accuracy of +/- 0.5mg.

The SP-4C eliminates the need for time consuming manual weighing and recording. The operator simply places the sample into the unit, it weighs the required number and delivers accurate printed results including mean weight, individual weights and a PASS/FAIL verdict, if required.

The unit can be located in a production booth or positioned centrally in a QC area where it can monitor up to 10 lines simultaneously.

• Quick and easy to use
• Checks both tablets and capsules
• Handles different shapes and sizes with no change parts
• Provides accurate printed results
• Accuracy, +/- 0.5mg

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