calibration visit is a scheduled service visit to ensure that the equipment is operating correctly
Calibration weights from CI Precision
SADE SP Series weight sorters and checkweighers

Planned Preventative Maintenance & Calibration (PPMCal)

Unexpected downtime will cost you more than planned maintenance

Planned preventative maintenance is essential to ensure that your weight sorter continues to operate faultlessly, year after year, saving you downtime and money.

The PPMCal service contract refers to regular preventive maintenance of equipment which includes a visual and safety inspection, testing and full GMP recalibration, carried out by a qualified engineer on an agreed frequency that fits in with your schedule. All of the work that they carry out is documented so it can be included in your formal audit trail.

Our trained engineer will perform accuracy and performance tests to verify your weight sorter is weighing accurately. This will ensure precise, consistent results while extending the life of the equipment and keeping unexpected bills to a minimum.

• Traceable Calibration Certificates
• Balance head inspection and adjustment
• Balance head calibration performance and accuracy testing
• Linearity and dynamic repeatability tests
• Operator training available

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