Calibration weights from CI Precision
Recording Microbalances from CI Precision
Recording microbalances from CI Precision

Options and Accessories

Ci Precision offers a selection of accessories and system optionsĀ  to suit a variety of experimental requirements.

Accessories can include:

  • Weighing head options
  • Calibration weights: 1mg up to 1gram
  • Accessories pack
  • Nichrome & Silica suspension rods
  • Phosphor bronze or Platinum/Rhodium pan carriers
  • Silica or aluminium weigh pans
  • “O” Rings

If you cannot see what you are looking for, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Other recording microbalance products

Recording microbalance kits

Thermo Gravimetric Analysis kit

System components

Glassware and Flasks

Options and Accessories

Interested in our accessories?

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