This essential Service Spares Pack has been designed to contain spare parts for a SADE SP weight sorter
Maintenance Service

Comprehensive Service Schedule (CSS)

Unexpected downtime will cost you more than planned maintenance

Planned preventative maintenance is essential to ensure that your weight sorter continues to operate faultlessly, year after year, saving you downtime and money.

Comprehensive maintenance servicing is vital to extending the life of the equipment and keeping unexpected bills to a minimum.

The CSS service product refers to preventive maintenance of equipment as per the schedule which includes worn parts replacement, engineering and labour charges.

All of the work is documented so it can be included in your formal audit trail.

We recommend a  comprehensive service is carried out every three years, or less if the machine is used inline.

• Visual inspection
• Functional testing
• Balance head calibration
• Component performance testing
• Service parts replacement
• Operator training available

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