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Polish University has 20 Years experience with CI Microbalance heads

For almost 20 years Doctor of Science Zbigniew Grzesik has been using microbalance heads from CI Precision,  in the Department of Solid State Chemistry within the Faculty of Material Science and Ceramics at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland. Over this period some of the microbalance heads have been refurbished and upgraded by CI Precision. The need for refurbishment is particularly great for microbalance heads that have been used with extremely corrosive sulphidizing environments at high temperatures.

Many experiments were and are still being carried out in hydrogen sulphide and pure oxygen atmospheres as well in hydrocarbons and water containing environments. Typical experiments are conducted in temperature ranging from 600 up to 1050 degrees C.

Because CI Precision supplies its recording microbalance systems in component form, Dr. Grzesik can readily incorporate the weighing heads into apparatus of his own design. In addition, the components are far more economical to purchase than such devices as microthermogravimetric instruments that can only be used for one purpose – and which Dr. Grzesik has found to be far more costly to refurbish or replace when damaged by corrosion. As proof of the versatility and longevity of the CI microbalance heads, Dr. Grzesik is still using the first unit that he purchased about 20 years ago, albeit upgraded and refurbished several times.

In connection with four microbalance heads, Dr. Grzesik also uses CI DISBAL control units and the LabWeigh for Windows software package.

Commenting on the microbalance heads, Dr. Grzesik says:

“They are excellent for my purposes; the price-performance ratio is perfect. I have tried using microthermogravimetric heads for studying the kinetics of corrosion of metals in various highly corrosive atmospheres and they do last about two years. In addition, they are considerably less expensive than those offered by other companies.”

Dr. Grzesik is also pleased with the service and technical support he receives from CI Precision:

“Telephone and e-mail support is always very good, and it is especially useful that CI Precision can refurbish and upgrade the microbalance heads. I am very pleased indeed with the service I have received from the company for almost 20 years.”

For more information about microbalance kits and accessories from CI Precision, please telephone us on +44 (0) 1722 424100 or e-mail

Polish University has 20 Years experience with CI Microbalance heads

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