come & meet us, and our partner Inos Technologies on stand 12.A07

26-28 November 2019, India Expo Centre, Delhi NCR, India

SADE SP440 tablet & capsule weight sorter

Leading the market for precision weight sorters

CI Precision is very pleased to be joining our partners, INOS Technologies Pvt, at P-MEC India 2019, the pharma industry exhibition for India.

On stand 12.A07 we will be presenting our versatile SADE SP weight sorters.

Long established in the Indian market; our units offer the effective means of accurately weight sorting batches of tablets, or capsules, into accept and reject categories.

SADE SP units are ideal for:
• 100% weigh control of R&D and Clinical Trial batches
• Recovering value from weight rejected batches

Manual weighing can cost you more than you think

Manual weighing can cost you more than you think.

Typically, it takes two hours to record 500 doses to ± 1mg, and of course, there is the risk of human error, material lost and duplication of effort.

A SADE SP-B40 is the only automatic benchtop weight sorter to weigh, sort and record 500 doses to better than ± 1mg in just 8 minutes – no errors, and no material lost.

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Please come and see for yourself why CI Precision’s SADE SP weight sorters are trusted by pharma research and manufacturing organisations around the world. We look forward to meeting you.

SADE SP Series weight sorters and checkweighers

Can you afford to reinvest in your clinical trial?

Can you afford to reinvest in your clinical trial if a weight defective tablet or capsule is not spotted in time (typically up to $4M for a phase 1 trial,

The SADE SP weight sorter’s ability to sort EVERY tablet, capsule or soft gel to a high accuracy, gives you absolute peace of mind and safeguards your investment.

Scrapping your batch due to a weight failure

Scrapping your batch due to a weight failure can cost upwards of $6,000 per 100,000 tablets (source

Typically, over 90% of that batch can be recovered and returned to the production process using a SADE SP weight sorter from CI Precision. Their higher accuracy ensures less re-work or wasted materials.

A SADE SP weight sorter saved a company in Ireland €100,000, recovering 750,000 tablets in just three weeks 

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