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NEW SADE SP140 delivered to PharmaVize, Belgium

PharmaVize offer comprehensive services to the pharmaceutical industry and feel that the SADE SP140 is ideal for their application.

PharmaVize assist the CMC (Chemistry Manufacturing & Control) component from early stage to post approval. They have a solid reputation for high quality and serve an international customer base from tier-one to start up companies.

In April 2011 they took delivery of a SADE SP140 for use in their production department for the accurate weight sorting of their investigational medicinal products.

Karel Sintobin, who is Head of Production, feels that the unit is ideal for their application.

“It only takes a few minutes to strip the instrument down for cleaning, less than 10 minutes to work through the menus to set up and calibrate. This ease of use is important to us as contract manufacturers because each run on the instrument is different. Overall, the instrument has been excellent.” 

The SADE SP140 is used for both powder and liquid filled capsules of various sizes and batch sizes range from 300 to 15,000.

Mr Sintobin is impressed with the versatility, speed and reliability of the SADE SP140 and the clear reports the optional SP Connect program provides. He is also pleased with the support from CI.

“We have good experience with CI’s support: fast and right-first-time.”

For more information about SADE SP tablet/capsule weight sorters from CI Precision, please telephone +44 (0)1722 424100 e-mail

NEW SADE SP140 delivered to PharmaVize, Belgium

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