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Jagiellonian University, Institute of Physics, Krakow, Poland uses CI Microbalances for Observation of Magnetic Photoeffect

The Jagiellonian University in Krakow is a research university founded in 1364, by Casimir III the Great, making it the oldest university in Poland. The JU Institute of Physics is among the leading scientific institutions in Poland where a wide range of research in both theoretical and experimental physics is carried out.

At the Department of New Materials Engineering, Dr Zbigniew Tomkowicz, Associate Professor, has recently purchased a second thermo-gravimetric kit from CI Precision for his laboratory. This joins the TGA system Dr Tomkowicz and his students – both undergraduate and PhD – have been using for the last two years to study the magnetic properties of materials.

Dr Tomkowicz comments,

“The thermogravimetric systems are used for studying magnetic properties in a variety of substances. Although the most modern SQUID magnetometer is under hand in the Department, the old Faraday method, based on the magnetic balance, has some advantages. It is especially useful for quick, initial study with a little amount of liquid helium. The setup is constructed for the observation of photomagnetism. To this end the magnetic balance is equipped with an optical cryostat and coupled with a spectrometer.”

He gives an outline of the typical experiments carried out in his laboratory,

“Typical sample mass is about 10 – 30 mg and samples are usually in the form of powder. These are measured in the gaseous helium atmosphere. The data are recorded and analysed using CI’s LabWeigh Software and OriginLab.”

To prevent interference, the weigh head and flasks have been surrounded by copper mesh. The suspension rods which hold the sample and counterweights are also made of copper. Both TGA kits consist of a MK2-M5 microbalance with 5g capacity and 0.1ug resolution, DISBAL control unit, LabWeigh software, silica glassware, a single zone furnace and furnace controller, all supplied by CI Precision. Furnace is used for other (TGA) purposes.

Dr Tomkowicz outlines some reasons why he chooses to work with CI microbalances rather than others on the market:

“The CI microbalance has a baseplate with thermal stabilization, it is not sensitive to magnetic field and it is reliable. Also, the support from CI Precision is very good. For these reasons, I would recommend CI microbalances to other research scientists.”

For more information about CI Microbalances, thermo-gravimetric kits, glassware and accessories from CI Precision, or to discuss a specific application, please telephone +44 (0) 1722 424100, or e-mail

Jagiellonian University, Institute of Physics, Krakow, Poland uses CI Microbalances for Observation of Magnetic Photoeffect

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