Precision weight grading and checkweighing for industrial small parts

If you have a quality improvement challenge you should consider our precision weight grading system to weigh, grade and sort every small part up to 8 grams to improve in-process sampling and quality control.

Discrepancies in weight can be used to detect incomplete, substandard or damaged products, and can also be used to indirectly calculate other design critical parameters.

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When SPIROL wanted to verify that their Coiled Spring Pins were manufactured to a consistently high weight quality they chose CI Precision’s MX weight grader.In a quality control context, very small...


Harwell Dosimeters

When Harwell Dosimeters wanted to control the manufacturing quality of their Alanine Pellets they chose CI Precision’s weight sorters to accurately weigh each pellet. The versatile SADE SP weight...


Synthon Chile

The SADE SP240 tablet and capsule weight sorter is used at Synthon Chile for specific markets that require additional quality verifications and for Internal Positive Controls.


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