Support services for recording microbalances

We are committed to providing support for our equipment as long as you are using it.

Installation, setup and technical questions

The CI Microbalance and Thermo-gravimetric kits are designed to be setup by the user and include detailed instructions. If you have any technical questions please email: or telephone: +44 (0) 1722 424 100

Please state the serial number of the device and provide as much information as you can to help us understand the context to your question.

University of Birmingham uses Microbalances from CI Precision for Testing High Temperature Alloys and Coatings
University of New South Wales, Australia, recommends CI Precision Microbalances


Most minor problems can be diagnosed and cured by email or telephone. However, if repairs are required then you may send the unit back to us for repair or refurbishment. In most cases we can turn it around within one working week.

Important: Please contact us to check warranty cover and costs before sending anything.

Interested in Recording Microbalances support?

To find out more, please contact our team of Recording Microbalance specialists.