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Harwell Dosimeters uses SADE SP Benchtop for High Accuracy Weight Sorting

Most SADE SP-B40 units delivered by Salisbury-based CI Precision go to the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry where they weight sort tablets or capsules to the high accuracy of +/-0.5mg.

When Harwell Dosimeters got in touch with CI Precision their application was quite different. Harwell Dosimeters work in the radiation processing business and specialise in the manufacture of dosimeters which are used for measuring the amount of radiation used in sterilizing medical devices.

One of their products, Alanine Pellets, which are made of an amino acid called alanine and bound in wax, needed to be weighed accurately.

The pellets are of a cylindrical shape, approx. 5mm diameter, 3mm high with square edges and weigh approximately 60mg. The versatile SADE SP weight sorter easily handled this size, shape and weight and offered the high accuracy demanded for this application.

At first Harwell Dosimeters sent batches of Alanine Pellets to CI Precision to be check weighed. Then, as demand grew, Harwell Dosimeters decided that it would be more efficient to purchase their own unit.

In addition to supplying and commissioning the SADE SP-B10, CI also provided training and helped Harwell Dosimeters source an appropriate compressor and cast stone balance table on which to position the unit.

For more information about the SADE SP range of tablet/capsule weight sorters from CI Precision, or to discuss a specific application, please contact us, telephone +44 (0) 1722 424100, or e-mail

Harwell Dosimeters uses SADE SP Benchtop for High Accuracy Weight Sorting

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