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Guide: 10 Ways to Save Money Using Checkweighing

Delivering consistent quality products is essential to protect your brand and your bottom line.  A checkweigher weighs every product, it sorts and rejects products that are off-spec, which helps you meet throughput and legal requirements while providing reliable weight control.

  1. Better Use of Resources – more products, less waste
  2. Ensuring Uniformity – clinical trial verification
  3. Avoid Fines and Tarnished Brand – safeguard your license
  4. Failed Batch Recovery – reclaim acceptable product
  5. Guaranteeing Consistency – over-encapsulation check
  6. Press Run-In/Run-Out – save valuable product
  7. Problematic to manufacture – some products are prone to variation
  8. Export Expectations – protect your export markets
  9. R&D Formulations – no more manual weight checking
  10. Contract Work – 100% quality customer assurance

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