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Guide: 10 features to consider when choosing an MES

Which MES Solution is Right For You?

Selecting the right MES solution for your manufacturing plant is critical to give you the data and insights needed to excel in the markets you compete in daily. The MES software provider should be able to communicate clearly and show examples, how their software addresses your most crucial issues.

  1. Matching Cost To Benefit – consider the ROI before you buy
  2. See Results Fast – implementation should be quick
  3. Price Is Not Reflection Of Benefit – don’t get stuck with a high-cost system
  4. Industry Expertise – speak to the experts in your industry
  5. Validation Standards – how well do they know the regulations
  6. Ease Of Configuration – critical if you have lots of recipes
  7. Data Management – broad base of data options is a must
  8. Ease Of ERP Integration – proven integration strategy is crucial
  9. Track And Trace – process optimisation and limiting risk
  10. Global Friendly – is support available worldwide

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Guide: 10 features to consider when choosing an MES